Welcome, ladies, to Girls’ Night Out Madison!

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Kerrie Jean a GNO orignal hits a home run with the new GNO website! GNO Est. 2004

Girls’ Night Out Madison (GNO) is for any woman that wants to expand her circle of friends.  This is a fun social setting, great for meeting new people and a chance to get together with friends, coworkers, and clients.


A variety of women attend these events!  Women new to the area, women looking for a new career, women starting a new career, women who love to be social, women just starting a business, women in all levels and types of business, and stay at home moms.


If you would be interested in being a GNO Ambassador and helping me set up and organize events as well as greet ladies as they arrive at the event, please let me know!


These gatherings are perfect opportunities to expand your circle of friends and enjoy the company of great women!

GNO:  Where to go for fun, friendship, and networking!